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The Clapping Monkeys

Not your average Kirtan band. Soul soothing songs with beautiful voices and lyrics to foot stomping, hand clapping tunes.  With soothing voice of Kathy Bolte, dulcet tones of Rom’s cello, steady groove of Ted’s bass, musical mastery by Ashley, and rocking rhythms from Danny, The Clapping Monkeys are making their own voice known in the Kirtan genre.


Ted is our bass player, but also grabs a guitar and harmonica from time to time. It was his yoga practice that brought him to the band. Coming to enjoy the benefits of a yoga community, he found that he fit right in to laying down the bass line for the monkeys. Ted is also a teacher. He teaches English at Mt. San Jacinto Jr. College.


Kathy teaches yoga at two studios in Southern California. She has owned and operated a massage retreat in Riverside for the past 14 years. She leads women’s wisdom circles and intimate yoga retreats. And when she can, she like to explore nature on her mountain bike. Kathy plays harmonium, guitar, and sings vocal leads for the band.


Danny is a kundalini and hatha yoga teacher, studio owner, and computer geek. When he’s not teaching or tending the studio, he’s designing & maintaining websites and networks for folks. Danny plays a mean lead guitar and sings vocal leads. And if you’ve ever seen us in concert, you know he does a pretty awesome Hanuman split.


Ashley is a yoga teacher and studio owner. She spends her non-music time running a studio, conducting teacher trainings, and tending to her family. She spent years as a dancer and we think that’s where she got her great rhythm. You’ll often see her tapping her finger on the harmonium to keep us all on beat. She plays harmonium, banjo, flute and sings for the band.